Lurching and Weaving Reasonable Grounds for DWI Stop

By Barbara Hervey Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Appellant was charged with a Class B misdemeanor of driving while intoxicated (DWI). Following the trial court’s denial of appellant’s motion to suppress, appellant pled nolo contendere, pursuant to a plea agreement, and was placed on community supervision for eighteen months. Appellant appealed the trial court’s […]

Suppression a Proper Remedy When Solution Hasn’t Been Independently Tested

By Richard B. Sanders Justice, Supreme Court of Washington State The City of Seattle charged Jacob with DUI based, in part, on the results of a Breathalyzer test. The machine used to determine Jacob’s blood alcohol content had been calibrated using a control alcohol solution certified by Ann Marie Gordon. Law enforcement officials use alcohol […]

A Scientific Interpretation Of the Breath Alcohol Concentration Test Result — Part II: Theory

By Wayne Morris, MS Morris-Kopec Forensics, Inc. A breath alcohol concentration is the determined by a breath alcohol testing procedure using a breath alcohol testing device. What has just been stated means that an analytical test is being used. Analytical testing is governed by the area of Analytical Chemistry and, as such, several conditions must […]