The Most Dangerous Days for DUI Crashes

By Howard Ankin Ankin Law Office, Chicago, Ill. Although a DUI crash can occur at anytime, some days of the year are riskier than others. Major spikes in the number of DUI crashes are seen during times of celebration; mainly surrounding holidays and during the summer months when an increased number of drivers take the […]

Supreme Court: It’s Not a Crime to Refuse a Blood Test in DWI Case

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that while the Fourth Amendment permits warrentless breath tests, it does not permit warrentless blood tests. In its opinion, the court said breath tests do not “implicate significant privacy concerns;  The physical intrusion is almost neglegible, while blood tests “require piercing the body and thus are significantly more intrusive […]

North Carolina Shifts Emphasis from Interlocks To Getting Hard Core Drunk Drivers Sober

When “Laura’s Law” was signed by Governor Bev Perdue in June, North Carolina became the 8th state in the last year to pass progressive DUI legislation that is substantially shifting the focus of DUI laws from penalizing cars to required—and enforced—sobriety for the most dangerous drivers on the road. Laura’s Law was named for Laura […]

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For more than 25 years, DWI Journal: Law & Science provided winning legal strategies and scientific information to the DWI defense bar — along with some prosecutors and state supreme courts. Publication was suspended because we were unable to find an appropriate editor. In response to numerous requests, we will be posting all our content […]

Campus Cop Capers: They’re Not Religious Police When Enforcing DWI Laws

(Editor’s Note: This is an edited version of the opinion of the North Carolina Supreme Court in State v. Yencer, No. 365PA10, filed Nov. 10, 2011.) The North Carolina General Assembly enacted the Campus Police Act to provide police protection at “institutions of higher education” and to ensure “this protection is not denied to students, […]

Nassau County, N.Y., Crime Lab Shut Down

Technicians at the Nassau County, N.Y., crime lab were found to have not followed basic crime lab procedures, meaning that either samples or equipment may have been contaminated in drug cases. For those who were convicted of driving while intoxicated, there are issues regarding the calibration of the lab’s portable breath test. This could impact […]

Using Public Record Requests To Challenge Breath Test Results

DWI defense attorneys routinely challenge police actions on the basis on faulty breath-test machines or similar scientific matters. But a series of cases involving the police departments in Washington State suggests public record requests may open new avenues of attack. In one case, reported in the Seattle Times, a number of DWI prosecutions were thrown […]